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Kenpo 360: Initiation Phase

Learn the basics of self-defense

and earn your first belt in Kenpo 360 online!

What is the Initiation Phase?

18 Essential Self-Defense Techniques

Even though Kenpo is a massive art consisting of over 300 self-defense techniques covering every aspect of fighting. The Initiation Phase narrows it down to the 18 most essential for survival. The 18 techniques taught in our Initiation Phase program represent the absolute most common attacks seen during an assault. Many martial arts systems were designed for military or police work and then taught to civilians. However, police and those in the military have to deal with very different situations and have a very different set of tools when compared to a civilian. Unlike these arts, Kenpo 360 was developed from the ground up to deal with the kind of self-defense scenarios the average person would encounter in the streets or at home. This course is perfect for a beginner who wants to learn the essentials required to ensure they will go home safe.

How it Works

Step 1: Learn the techniques

This online course takes the 18 techniques of the Initiation Phase and divides them into 22 lessons that should take you and a partner about an hour to watch and then practice. Because you will be placed virtually into the middle of a Kenpo 360 class you and your training partner will watch the lessons, break to practice each section, and drill at the same time as you would if you were in person. Unlike being in person, if there is a concept or movement you are having trouble with, you will be able to rewind your instructor, and even pause them so you can rewatch the technique as many times as you need to get every detail correct. Included in the program is a training schedule that will have you revisiting each class 3 times to ensure you don't miss a thing.

Step 2: Drill your new techniques

Memorizing a self-defense technique is one thing, making it functional is another. Included in this course are several drills that will help you build these movements into your muscle memory and ensure they will be there when you need them. 

Step 3: Earn your first belt in Kenpo 360

Once you have completed the Kenpo 360 Initiation Phase, assuming you followed the suggested schedule, you and your training partner will have completed each lesson at least 3 times and drilled all the techniques to the point that they will be second nature. At this point, you will have an opportunity to send us a video test that will be reviewed by a certified Kenpo 360 Instructor. If you fail, then you will receive a detailed explanation on what areas you need to work on. If you pass, you will be mailed your Yellow Belt and a certificate of completion signed by 5th Degree Black Belt Michael Valenti to show you earned your rank the hard way. 

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